[about us]

Hello everyone and welcome to Bring Your Heart! Bring Your Heart is a Christian Social Network, seeking to facilitate meetings between young Christians within and around the City of Ottawa (Ontario).

Being a young Christian in today's society can be difficult. Society places a high emphasis and importance on doing things that are frowned upon in the Gospel. Too often, young people turn to drinking, drugs and sex for fun. If a young person does not engage in these activities, he/she can face exclusion from those around him/her, be looked down upon by his/her peers, and may find it difficult to fit in. Finding other young people who share the same ideals, values and morals can be hard. Outside of Churches, there are not many Christian meeting places and young Christians may feel lost or stuck as to where to turn to meet other people who are like them. That's where we come in. We here at Bring Your Heart are followers of Jesus Christ, and we want to help followers of Christ meet and connect with other followers of Christ. We want to help YOU meet people like YOU. Our network targets young Christians, between the ages of 23 and 35, who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and who openly live by His Word, commands, principles and lessons.

We know meeting new people can be scary and intimidating. What do you say to someone new? What questions should you ask? What happens if there is an awkward silence? At Bring Your Heart, we want to make meeting new people a fun and exciting experience. We strive to make sure our events are filled with laughter and fun!

If you are a young Christian looking to meet other people like you, then we hope and pray that you will join us for one of our events!

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